Computer Data Transfer

Computer Data Transfer, moving files and settings from your old computer or server to your super new computer or server, can be a very daunting and tedious task. The Geek Force Data Transfer service moves files, photos, music, videos and settings saving you time and hassle.

The worst part about buying a new computer is moving all your files, photos, videos, music and settings from your old computer. It’s dull, boring and takes forever. We know that you just want to start using your new computer as soon as possible and not have to worry about files and folders going so let us do it for you!

Depending on the reason for the transfer, the pending transfer would lead to the the evaluation of how the Computer Data Transfer would take place.

Scenario 1: HDD had been behaving oddly on startup, files have been disappearing and eventually our Geek Force Inspector Max reported hdd crash imminent. Files Still Readable

Solution 1: Purchase an equivalent size HDD or bigger that is compatible with your PC Configuration, if  the old Hard Disk Drive is clone-able we will use our state of the art hdd cloner or professional cloning software to clone the drive. Once cloned minor software issues can be resolved.

Solution 2 : Files unreadable from OS would allow us to use a boot-able disc giving us possible access to the infected drive and try to recover important files.

This  way we could possible evaluate the condition differently, possibly repairing the MBR

On Server systems we may be faced with Raid and or Virtual Machine challenges, which would bring us to a different approach of backups and securing data prior to Medellin with the drives,

Scenario 2: Hard Disk Drive on startup says no os present or hard drive not available etc,

Solution 1: The HDD gets removed and professional Recovery Software and try to recover as much as possible and put it on an external hard drive for future use,

Solution 2: The old Hdd is removed a new one installed, the original OS is installed with legitimate keys, all other legitimate software gets installed and files that were recovered transferred.