Computer Data Disaster Recovery Plan

A Computer Data Disaster Recovery Plan is set in place to:

Prevent the Risk of Losing Important Business Data Rather than search for it once Disaster has Struck?

Computer Disaster Recovery is a vital component of business security. Businesses seeking to mitigate the risk of data loss from natural disasters or other negative causes should be looking at putting in a solid disaster recovery plan.

We assist Businesses to Decide on Disaster Recovery Strategies

Cloud data security services concept. Safety data management specialist securely lock cloud computing data storage represented by cloud icon with padlock.

Through setting up a Disaster Recovery strategy based on secure-hosted infrastructure, our clients can rely on a Geek Force Cloud Backup & Storage system to run their business’s IT in case of a disaster. Emails, files, desktops and business software are always available to users even in case of major disruptions to the local IT environment.

If you still rely on tape back-ups, onsite back-ups or you haven’t yet established any Disaster Recovery system, we can help you to investigate the offsite Disaster Recovery options available to your business and plan a strategy that suits your needs that can integrate with your existing systems.

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